About Johannsen Farms

Homesteaded in 1926, Johannsen Farms is a fifth generation family farm and ranch consisting of over 5000 acres of prime wildlife habitat located in the "Prairie Pothole" region of central South Dakota.

aboutus.pngOur wild bird numbers are a result of an overall agricultural production and grazing plan focused on providing unsurpassed wildlife habitat. Our unique no-till farming operation leaves behind valuable habitat to attract and support a vast array of wildlife, including a healthy population of big, wild ring necked pheasants. A carefully managed combination of Native grasslands, CRP grasslands, cornfields, wheat fields, cattail sloughs, wooded shelterbelts, and diversified food plots provide both dense nesting habitat and valuable feed sources for countless wild birds. All of the pieces of our "conservation puzzle" fall together to provide the best upland bird habitat in the area. When you hunt our farm you will realize why so many birds call it home.